IT admin for the last 14 years supporting Microsoft email products from MSMail in 1995 all the way to designing the Exchange 2013 deployment. I've blogged most of this time on my own personal website, managed and maintained internally, then hosted with a friend's server. As of lately that company is not cooperating, so I've turned to where I host 2 other blogs.

I am a scripter at heart. When I graduated college, I already had an IT administration position with a small company. I was their desktop support, server admin, web master, and even printer guy. After a few years there, I jumped at the opportunity to move into a dedicated email administrator position. Working with this major financial institution, I helped them migrate their population from MSMail to Exchange 5.5. With that, I developed an Outlook form that helped their user population convert their local address books from the old Internet mail format (TFS?) to SMTP format. 4 years later, they were bought out by a larger bank and I moved to health insurance. Worked there helping them implement a content filtering solution, upgrade their email solution and managed their Blackberry environment. I hear one of my legacies still live on in a conference room calendar script that creates a web output of each resource calendar. :) After a 4 year stint with them, I found a job with my current employer. Here I work with a team of people supporting the email backend (i.e. Exchange 2010, Trend Micro IMSVA, Blackberry, etc.).

This employer is a service provider for email services for specific niche. We run Exchange 2010 using a 'resource forest' model, so all our 'user' mailboxes are Linked Mailboxes. Our customers can manage their mailboxes using the Quest ARS web portal we've implemented or more directly using FIM.

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