Monday, January 27, 2014

Balance Mailbox DBs Across All Public Folder DBs

Doing a quick inventory of my mailbox databases recently, I found that 80% of my mailbox dbs, were pointing to only 2 of my 6 PF dbs. This script will distribute your mailbox dbs evenly across your public folder dbs.

One concept that I played with in this script is using hash tables. Hash tables allow you to specify a string value to an array, and it returns another entry.

For example, the code:

$pfdbs = get-publicfolderdatabase
$DBSize = @{}
$pfdbs | %{$dbsize[$_.identity.tostring()] = 0}
$MDBG | %{$dbsize[([string]$] = $_.count}

when completed, will be a hash table of PF DBs and the # of mailbox dbs pointing to each.

$DBSize{"PF-DB01"}  returns the value of 8

This later on in the script allows me to both track how many dbs are pointing to a specific PF db.

$dbsize[$destination.identity.tostring()] += 1
$dbsize[$] -= 1

The code does assume 2007 PF dbs exist in the environment, so when we decommission that environment, I'll need to rerun the script without the -includepreExchange2010 switch.

   Distribute mailbox dbs across all Public folder dbs. 

$pfDbs = get-publicfolderdatabase -includepreexchange2010
$mbdbs = get-mailboxdatabase 

$mbc = $mbdbs.count
$pfc = $pfDbs.count

[int] $adbc = ($mbc / $pfc)

$MDBG = $mbdbs | group publicfolderdatabase
$moveOff = $MDBG | ?{$_.count -gt $adbc}
$DBSize = @{}
$pfdbs | %{$dbsize[$_.identity.tostring()] = 0}
$MDBG | %{$dbsize[([string]$] = $_.count}

if ($moveOff -eq $null) {
 Write-Host "nothing to do."
ForEach ($mdbgp in $moveOff) {
 $MoveCount = $mdbgp.count - $adbc
 forEach ($db in $[0..$moveCount]) {
  $destinations = $pfdbs | ?{$dbsize[$_.identity.tostring()] -lt $adbc}
  if ($destinations -is [array]) {
   $destination = $destinations[0]
  } elseif ($destinations -eq $null) {
   Write-Host "no destinations under average, $adbc"
  } else { 
   $destination = $destinations
  if ($destination -ne $null -and $destination -ne $ {
   Write-Host $db,$,$destination
   Set-mailboxdatabase -identity $db -publicfolderdatabase $destination
   $dbsize[$destination.identity.tostring()] += 1
   $dbsize[$] -= 1

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