Monday, August 4, 2014

Quickie Mailbox Statistics Report

So I support an o365 environment. One of the reports my manager asked me to run is to gather mailbox size information for our entire population. Sadly, due to RBAC controls, you can't get a numeric response back from a get-mailboxstatistics, only a string.

75.33 MB (78,991,829 bytes)

Using string manipulation, I am able to pull out the mailbox size.

"75.33 MB"

Then using Powershell's own Invoke-Expression, convert that down to a number (in bytes).


Now, I can use the Measure-Object command to give me statistics.

get-mailbox -resultsize 100 | select @{Name="Size";Expression={(Invoke-Expression ((get-mailboxStatistics -identity $_.identity).totalitemsize.tostring().split("(")[0].replace(" ",""))) / 1mb}} | measure-object -property size -min -max -average -sum

Count : 100
Average : 28.4768
Sum : 2847.68
Maximum : 500.8
Minimum : 0
Property : Size

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