Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Find Unused Mount Points for Exchange 2010 DBs

Our Exchange 2010 environment has matured enough that I am now working on deleting and moving databases around between the various DAGs. In the coming year, we're even talking about expanding out to a DR site at another data center. With that, I am constantly looking for free drives on our DAS that can be used to provision databases on. Unfortunately there are a number of times that it appears all 25 drives are used, even though only 18 databases reside on the server.

This script compares the existing mounted volumes on a server with the existing databases. It returns the volume names for each of them that don't have a match.

   Compare Mountpoints on server to actual databases.
   Provides details on mountpoints that could potentially be deleted because they're not being used. 
.PARAMETER Servername
   Name of Exchange Mailbox server to run against. 


function Get-MountPointInfo {
 #returns mount points that have matching volumes. 
 $MountPoints = gwmi -class "win32_mountpoint" -namespace "root\cimv2" -computername $ServerName | select @{Name="Name";expression={$'"')[1].replace("\\","\")}}
 $Volumes = gwmi -class "win32_volume" -namespace "root/cimv2" -ComputerName $ServerName| select @{Name="name";Expression={$,$ )}}, freespace ,Capacity
 $summary = Compare-Object $Mountpoints $Volumes -IncludeEqual -Property Name | ?{$_.sideindicator -eq "=="} | select name
 return $summary

$dbs = get-mailboxdatabase -server $ServerName
$mps = get-mountpointinfo -servername $ServerName | sort name
$Index = 0
ForEach ($mp in $mps) { 
 $found = ($dbs | ?{$_.logfolderpath.tostring() -like $}) -ne $null
 if (!$found) {
  if ($Index -eq 0) {Write-Host "Mount points that don't have matching DBs"}
  Write-Host "!Found:"$; $Index++}#else {write-host " Found:"$}
if ($Index -eq 0) {Return $null}

To use the script,
   .\enum-dbtoMP.ps1 -servername "DAG1S1"
    Get-MailboxServer | %{write-host $;.\enum-dbtoMP.ps1 -servername $}

This returns something like:
Mount points that don't have matching DBs
!Found: D:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-2159599067-3077033605-2888957035-43652\$REECZVX

Oh, My! I deleted the mount point, but now it's sitting in the recycle bin. As I skim down the report, I find a number of former database location that the mount point is no longer needed. Typically I go into the HP Array config GUI and simply delete these mount points for later use.

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